Can I change my username?

You can totally change your username! We definitely don't want you to feel forever burdened with something like EMOKID04 just because you thought you were so cool 10 years ago. People change, and their usernames should too, so we've made it super easy for you.

Log in to your Threadless user account, and go to Account in the drop down menu on the top right-side of the page under your username. Under the Account Settings tab, select Login Info. You can change your username, email address, or password on this page. Type any letters or numbers you want in the username field, the world is your oyster! In fact, you can even change your username to TheWorldisMyOyster as long as it's available. We unfortunately can't allow spaces or special characters aside from - and _,  but you'll see the following message if your username is something our system will allow:

That username is a-ok! Click save to make it official!

Scroll down and click Save Settings to secure your new username. If your username is not available, you'll see the following message appear above the username field:

Sorry, the username '______' is already taken!

Pick a new username and try again. Hope you pick a good one!

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