How does the Artist Earnings work?

Our Artist Earnings system operates on a “base fee” for each product sold. Artists will earn the entire difference between the base price and the sale price of a product (this includes both new prints and reprints). If your design is currently up for sale, you'll start to earning on unit 1 of your next reprint. If your design is already receiving Artist Earnings, it will continue to do so under the new compensation formula.

Retail Price - Base Fee = Your Artist Earnings

Each product has a "Base Fee", which covers production and logistical costs. For your Earnings, subtract the "Base Fee" from the retail and you keep the difference as Artist Earnings. 

Find the full list of Base Fees for Threadless, Threadless Discover and Artist Shops in the POLICY CONCERNING PAYMENTS TO ARTISTS AND ARTIST SHOP OWNERS of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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