How much is shipping?

Shipping is based on weight, the number of shipments in your order, and if you are ordering from the US or internationally. Shipping starts at $5.75 Postal shipping for US customers and $9.90 Standard shipping for customers outside the US for orders per shipment under 1 pound (about 1-3 tees).

Estimated ship costs based on weight.*

  Weight        US       Outside US
  Postal Standard
< 1lb $5.75 $9.90
  1-2lb $9.00 $18.30
  2-3lb $12.00 $26.70

*Wall art shipments require special pricing. Please see your cart for shipping estimate.

To find out how much shipping is for your specific order, add the items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You won't need to enter your billing info or place your order to find out the shipping cost. Just enter your shipping address during the first step of the checkout process, then proceed to the second step of the checkout process to see the different shipping options and prices. You'll see the shipping cost under each shipping option and the total cost- items + shipping- on the right side of the screen under "Cart Summary".

Shipping options and prices will vary based on the items you have in your cart. Add or remove items and follow the same steps to determine the new shipping price. Because items are custom printed and shipped from different locations, your items may be separated into multiple shipments and shipping charges.

Note, customs fees and additional fees may apply for international shipments. Contact your local customs office for more info.

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