Why does my new shirt smell?

That odor you may smell on your new tee is a by-product of the custom printing method used to print the design. But, don't fret! The odor from printing is just a temporary addition. Now that your tee is out of the confined space of the shipping bag, the printing smell will dissipate after a few days and a wash cycle.

The printing process we use for apparel products uses a water-based NeoPigmentâ„¢ inks are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and adhere to the strictest human health and environmental standards. Because the ink is water based, it is 100% biodegradable, contains no animal by-products, and is completely vegan friendly. The printing process is a completely waterless, dry process which allows for a low environmental footprint, so no water is used or wasted in the printing process.

We are currently working in a new printing ink that is completely odorless without sacrificing environmental standards or print quality (and double bonus, it has the ability to print colors that are even more vibrant than before!) We are in the process of switching to the new and improved ink so you won't experience this odor in the future.

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