How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

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The newsletter gives you some great new information about new releases, exciting news, and the general goings-on at Threadless.

If you'd like to unsubscribe, there are two options to unsubscribe at the bottom of your newsletter

Update Subscription Preferences

Choose this option if you'd like to make changes to your newsletter mailings, like updating your email address or subscribing to the Threadless Community Happenings.  You may also choose to receive one newsletter a week if you want to stay in the loop, but don't need to hear from us every day. Check the box that says 'Once a Week', and hit 'Update Profile'.

Unsubscribe from this list

If you would rather not receive any Threadless newsletters, this is the option for you. Choose the 'Unsubscribe from this list', enter your email address, and hit 'Unsubscribe'. Please allow 24 hours for your email address to be fully unsubscribed from our newsletter list.

You can also email our Help team at help@threadless and ask to be unsubscribed.

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