How do I check my order status?

You can easily check your order status on any recent or past orders. Checking your order status will vary depending on whether you were logged in to your user account at the time of purchase.

Logged In

If you have a user account and were logged in when you placed your order, you can track your order status in your Threadless account. Login, hover over your profile avatar, and select the Your Account link on the top right-hand side of the page. Here you can find all orders you placed while logged in under the Orders tab in your account.

Not Logged in

If you don't have a Threadless user account (or weren't logged in when you ordered), we still got you! Check your order status on ourOrder Status page. Here, you can enter your order number (not shipment number), email address, and billing zip/post code. Make sure to enter this information exactly as it was entered when the order was placed otherwise your order details may not be located. Our Order Status page is quite strict, which helps to make sure your information stays secure. If you’re having any trouble accessing your order, Contact our Help team. Simply let us know what information you are entering in which fields, and we can share your order details. If you have a Threadless user account and forgot to login when you placed the order, we can also add it to your user account history.

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