Can I add items to my order?

Did you happen to find another awesome item after placing your order? We’ve all been there. 
Once an order is submitted we’re unable to add any items to that order. No need to worry, though! You can place a new order for the extra items then contact our  Help Team with your new order number. We can then refund the shipping on the additional order so you don’t have to pay for shipping twice. Keep in mind, only basic shipping methods are eligible: Postal for domestic orders and Standard shipping for international orders. 
If you’d rather have everything in one order, you may be able to cancel the order and resubmit it with the additional items. You can find out if your order is processing by checking it through the  Order Status page. If it’s not processing, you’ll see the option to cancel. 

You’ll be refunded in full and then be able to resubmit an order with all your Threadless goodies! 
If you have any other questions or need additional help, feel free to reach out to our Help Team! 
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