Why was I charged sales tax?

Domestic Orders

While we’re based in Chicago, IL, we have a community of artists from all around the world (and different states within the US) making artist earnings from every purchase. Because of this, some states have required us to collect sales tax for orders within their state. Since all orders are custom printed and shipped from our various printing locations in the US, your order total will include the appropriate sales tax for the items in your purchase and shipping charge (if applicable) as required by the sales tax laws in your state.

Orders Outside of the United States

Orders placed and shipped to the following countries may be charged sales tax at checkout:

Australia (10% Goods and Services Tax)
Norway (VAT)
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (VAT & Customs)
New Zealand (VAT)

Please note, customs fees may still be collected at delivery for some of the above countries. For all other countries, sales tax is not be collected at checkout for purchases. Those orders may be subject to VAT and Customs Fees as required by the local government authorities at the time of delivery.

If you have additional questions, or aren’t sure about why or how you were charged sales tax, send us an email and we’ll be happy to sort it out.

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