What is Discover?

The Discover section is a new way to find more amazing art by even more artists. Artist Shops that are powered by Threadless have products that can be found in the Discover section, as well as in site search. From the Discover feed, you’ll be able to follow new Artists and buy designs from several Artist Shops without leaving Threadless.com!

Here are three different categories and some great features to checkout while browsing in the Discover section:
  • Discover - Featuring a curated collection of interesting and cool Artist Shop designs
  • Trending - The top selling and most viewed designs from all Artist Shops
  • New - The most recently uploaded designs from all Artist Shops
  • Collections - Designs grouped by topic for ease of browsing 
  • Follow - Stay up to date with new Artists you just discovered 
  • Social Share Buttons - Share designs you love to the world

Because these items come from Artist Shops, purchases from Discover must go through a separate checkout from items purchased on Threadless. We'll also place all your Discover items in their own cart to save on shipping from separate Artist Shops. If your cart has items from both catalogs, you’ll see a Discover cart and a Threadless cart like the one below:

Once you go through the checkout process for your Threadless items, you’ll be redirected back to your cart to complete to the checkout process for your Discover items. We can’t combine the shipments at this time, but feel free to  contact our Help Team after your Threadless and Discover orders are placed. We can refund you for a portion of the ship charges as a thank you!

Note: Since Artist Shop product prices are set by the individual artist, Discover products are typically exempt from any Threadless promotions, coupon codes, and sales.  Check out how to open your own free Artist Shop here!  
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