What are Pending Earnings?

The  Artist Earnings in your Artist Dashboard are separated into 3 sections:

Pending Earnings will display last month’s and the current month’s pending Artist Earnings, to date. 
Pending Earnings appear as 'Pending' when a sale for your design is made and the customer's order is sent to be printed and fulfilled. To account for customer cancellations and order changes, there may be a slight delay (think 1-2 hours) from the time the order is placed to when it appears in  Pending Earnings. The sale of your design will remain in 'Pending' for at least 30 days. Because we want to ensure all customers are happy with their products, we allow 30 days for returns or cancellations. If not been returned or canceled during the 30 days 'Pending', the sale will move to Cleared Earnings at the end of the month. Any Cleared Earnings will be paid out in the next Artist Earnings monthly payment and move to Paid Earnings.

The Purchase period is the month your design earnings were earned. This will help you keep track of when a sale was made and when the payment for something might be due.

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